Monday, January 30, 2006

Calendar Girl

I do believe that 2006 is presenting itself as an excellent year.
  • The Brainerd excursion over MLK.
  • Went to Washington DC, saw some buildings, walked alot, ate really good food, and learned about transportation research and stuff.
  • Had our first girls night. Good movie, excellent popcorn (the entire tub- I never did get seconds), surprisingly good band at Santorini's. Best part was hanging out. I am looking forward to next month.
  • Finishing up the month with another girl event tomorrow night. Mell's beauty bar for Joan's birthday.
And it just gets better, next month, we are going to sunny Cancun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Under Pressure...

Just got back from girls weekend at the Cabin. It was relaxing and fun... we watched movies- lots of movies. The Wedding Singer, Shipping News, Office Space, Strictly Ballroom, In the bedroom, Phantom of the Opera. All good movies for different reasons. Read books, finished thank you notes. Went to the spa for mani and pedi as well as a facial (hey! keep you mind pure). Came home by way of my brother's new house in Elk River (45 miles away) Nice house, wouldn't want the commute.

After relaxing all weekend, reality hit when I got back to work on tuesday, I spent all day yesterday and today in meetings. School started this week, first assignment done. I leave for Washington DC on saturday for 4 days... I am feeling a bit panicky. Missed the Jan 15 deadline, I have another deadine on January 30th. I might drop one of my classes for sanity sake. Going to Mexico in February, need to get back to bikini weight, need a dog kennel, need to take dog to vet. Blah. Deep breaths.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I resolve to call her up, a thousand times a day...

Happy New Year!

My big plans for 2006 include (but are not limited to)
  • Mexico with Rae and Pat
  • Finishing my Master's Degree (2 classes left, comps and my thesis)
  • Finishing the house
  • Taking the summer off from "house" projects.
  • Losing 10 pounds
  • Going Kayaking this summer (at least once)
  • Running a half marathon
  • starting up monthly "girls night" again with Gwen, Heather and Dena!
  • Helping Gwen with her garden (whether she likes it or not)
  • Being the best wife that Terre ever had
  • Having a garage party

I know I will do more, but this is a good list.